Tip-Edge PLUS®
Cosmetic Braces

Designed for your comfort

Tip-Edge PLUS Cosmetic Braces use an advanced Tip-Edge technology for more gentle tooth movement and precision than ordinary braces can provide. Not only do they look good, they’re specially made for extra comfort while they straighten your teeth.

Your perfect Smile is Right on Schedule

Using the special Tip-Edge technology, your braces give you a straight, beautiful smile in fewer appointments than with regular braces. You may even finish treatment faster. Your braces are made for your safety and total comfort.

Personalized Color-Matching Technology®

Tip Edge Plus close upOnly Cosmetic Braces from TP Orthodontics feature a unique Personalized Color-Matching Technology that makes your braces virtually invisible. The exclusive ceramic material works under light conditions to absorb the tooth color so braces adjust to the color of your teeth. Only your real smile shows.

Personalized Color-Matching Technology

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Why Cosmetic Braces?

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Only Cosmetic Braces use a design that matches virtually any tooth shade so you’ll look and feel great during treatment.

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Cosmetic Options

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With Cosmetic Braces there are more treatment options to choose from than ever and they all look great.

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