Doctor Testimonials

Harry Aronowitz, DMD
Beverly Hills, California

“I’ve been in practice 35 years and I’ve seen it all come through. I need an aesthetic bracket I’m comfortable with – I recommend InVu. Patients plan their whole day around having their braces removed and we want that day to be as smooth as possible. InVu comes off cleanly and just always looks good.”

Hani Dalati, DDS, IQE
York, England

“I found all I was looking for when I was first introduced to InVu. The durability is superior to any other bracket I have used over the years. (Personalized Color-Matching) Technology has overcome all the problems we struggled with in other aesthetic brackets.”

Albert Eng, DDS, MS
Brighton, Colorado

“Before we had an aesthetic option, but we weren’t happy with the ease of debonding and broken tie-wings. With InVu we don’t see much breakage and the color-matching really does a great job as far as the aesthetics go, blending in with patients’ natural teeth.”

Deborah Ferrer, DDS
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“I haven’t seen any bracket do what InVu does. The way the brackets reflect light, they blend to adjust to the color of the teeth they’re on. InVu goes on easily, comes off easily and looks good. Those are the main things orthodontists look for.“

Kevin P. Lucas, DDS
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

“Patients love InVu. They are the most invisible, colorless brackets on the market. Performance-wise, I treat cases with the same finish goals and timeframe as metal. I recommend InVu to my students at the University of Pennsylvania.”

Clifford L. Martin, DDS
Evansville, Indiana

“My patient response to InVu brackets has been really satisfying. They tell me their friends didn’t even realize they had braces until they pointed it out.”

Ira Schwartz, DDS
Bayside, New York

“I have 30 years of experience and had switched from one aesthetic bracket to another. I’m happy with how InVu looks and performs. The bracket is consistent with my philosophy of allowing the tooth color to show through. It’s translucent; it lets the color of teeth come out. I definitely recommend InVu.”

Denise Swasty, DDS
Summerville, South Carolina

“InVu brackets blend in seamlessly with the surrounding enamel. I’ve used some of the crystalline brackets, but they didn’t quite match the opacity of the enamel.”

Charles Wait, DDS PC
Scottsdale, Arizona

“InVu blends into the tooth better than any other brackets. There is a difference in the look and I haven’t seen any staining. It’s a more durable bracket than the competitors I’ve used. I recommend InVu; they are the only aesthetic brackets we use.”

Chad Wright, DDS
Santa Barbara, California

“They’re almost completely invisible. It doesn’t really matter what shade the teeth are it seems to blend like it’s camouflaged on the teeth. My patients look in the mirror and can’t believe how little they can see the braces. That’s the part that really matters.”

T. Richard Ziehmer, DDS
Tucson, Arizona

“InVu blends better. Because most clear brackets are too clear; too opaque or white. InVu is more of a natural tooth color. Just like working with metal brackets, the base conforms to the teeth very nicely so the bracket positioning is very straight forward.”

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Doctor Testimonials

Doctor Testimonials

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