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Making the decision to get braces isn’t always easy – and understanding your options is the first step.  If you are looking for an aesthetic option that will provide the least amount of disruption to your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place! From Personalized Color-Matching Technology® – that makes our ceramic braces match virtually any tooth color1 – to Enamel Protection2, cosmetic braces are the smart way to get the results you want and a smile you’ll be proud of. Confidence never looked so good!

Braces vs. Aligners

After you’ve made the decision to improve your smile, there is important information to consider when choosing the treatment method that works best for you. If you are considering aligners or “clear” braces, you may find this comparison helpful.*

Aesthetic Braces


New technology has resulted in “clear” braces that are barely noticeable and aren’t obvious in photos

Are barely noticeable and can be removed for special occasions or photos, but will require quite a bit of “maintenance” on your part

Always active – they constantly and gently move your teeth towards the desired position

Work intermittently – the force on your teeth is strongest at the beginning of each tray change which can be uncomfortable

No need to worry about taking them in and out throughout the day since they are bonded directly to your teeth

Can be removed (and must be removed even to snack or drink anything but water), but typically must be worn 22-23 hours per day or more

Treatment with bonded braces is more predictable3 – and may treat complex cases in less time than aligners4

You may still have attachments bonded directly to your teeth – and may even need to use elastics as you would with braces6

Braces are more effective in improving your occlusion5 and create a healthy “bite” as a matter of the course of treatment

Aligners have limitations with correcting your occlusion or “bite”3,7 and depending on your case or tooth movement desired you may require an additional set of trays or other treatment

Orthodontic treatment with braces is always directed by a doctor that you see in-person; any problems can be identified and quickly corrected – making sure you stay on track to achieve a great smile

“At home” aligner treatment has many limitations and should be carefully considered only after discussing with your dentist or orthodontist; get more information here.

And, there’s no need to hide your braces! An investment in a healthy smile is always in style – you can even have fun by adding different color ligatures to your braces at each dental appointment

* Only your doctor can recommend the best treatment plan for your particular case and desired outcome. This information is provided for you to make an informed decision regarding the potential day-to-day experience with the treatment methods presented. It is not intended to be medical advice.


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What is your best treatment option?

Now that you have an understanding of braces vs aligners, it’s time to take your smile to the next level and make your selection! Review each brand’s guide to decide which option is your perfect fit. Then, consult with your orthodontist and you will be well on your way to a great smile! Please note while the products presented are FDA cleared, only a medical professional can prescribe them.

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